Provinectown Cape Cod/USA

Provincetown "the gay town"

Provincetown is located at the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 116 miles from Boston. It's between 2 1/2 - 3 hours by car, depending on the traffic. The bus takes slightly longer or you can relax on the daily ferry (in season) from Boston to P-Town.

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Provincetown is a year round destination for gay, lesbian and straight travellers from around the world seeking something very special. Provincetown is reknowned for it's endless miles of Cape Cod beaches, sand dunes, beech forest trails and cycle paths.

Provincetown always has something to offer. Summertime offers the greatest variety of entertainment including theatre, cabaret, concert, galleries, art exhibitions, bars and nightclubs.




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how to get there

flights from Düsseldorf, Köln or Frankfurt to Boston (KLM, Lufthansa, BA), from Boston to P-town by rental car, bus, or ferry

plenty of possibilities: b&b rooms, apartments, studios, hotels, guest houses, campgrounds, ecetera...

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