Pitsidia - traditional village near the wonderful Kommos beach


The village of Pitsidia is located 65 km southwest of Iraklion at an altitude of 80 m a.s.l, just before the magnificent bay of Messara. The village with aproximately 700 inhabitants is the seat of the Pitsidia-Matala community. Pitsidia is the oldest village of the area. Pitsidia is a quiet village, with a long tradition of hospitality.
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The road from Iraklion is fairly good and passes through the Messara valley.
Regular public transportation is available for visiting Pitsidia-Matala.
One and a half kilometers after Pitsidia a branch of the road leads to Kommos, the ancient port of Phaistos and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Crete.

It is a magnificent sun-drenched stretch of sand, one of the largest in Crete, which extends from a clump of rocks riveted in the shallow waters in the south to the Kalamaki settlement in the North.

how to get there
flights from Düsseldorf, Köln or Frankfurt to Heraklion, from Heraklion to Pitsidia  by rental car, taxi or bus

plenty of rooms, apartments, studios, small hotels (contact pridetours)
campground "Kommos Beach"
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Tel 0034-892-42596, 42332
Open May-September

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